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Iconic San Diego Restaurant Receives Facelift

Bertrand at Mr. A’s Restaurant is a San Diego icon. From celebrating special occasions, to prom dinners, to brunch with a view, Mr. A’s is a go-to for San Diego natives and tourists, and has been for quite some time! Located on top of 2550 5th Avenue on the 12th floor, Mr. A’s offers one of the most spectacular views in San Diego.

General Coatings Corporation is extremely proud to have recently completed a project, in partnership with Nautilus Construction, on this renowned establishment. Mr. A’s was in need of a facelift to the exterior top nine floors. Nautilius removed 3,024 painted sunscreen metal panels from the top nine floors, and then we stripped the existing paint off to expose the original porcelain looking panels, and then prepared them to be reinstalled.

The two crews worked excellently together, while one crew stripped the panels, the other crew used swing stage equipment to power wash the concrete columns. Once the prep work was completed an exterior primer coat and 100% acrylic topcoat was applied.

Containing the loose peeling paint, so it wouldn’t fly all around the neighborhood while the columns were being power washed, was a challenge faced by the crew. The old paint, and paint stripper, that were removed from the panels were contained and returned to our shop to be recycled.

We worked very closely with Nautilus to coordinate the schedule and sequence of the work, and because of our great coordination the project was completed on time. Now the newly renovated gorgeous exterior complements the exquisite interior and the spectacular views! We are proud to have helped a local icon continue to thrive.

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