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Waterproofing is an art we have down to a science

               General Coatings offers a wide array of waterproof coating options for new construction, remodels, construction defects, water damage, or improvements. Our well-trained applicators bring years of product knowledge and hands-on experience to your project.  From fluid applied membranes to reinforced cementitious coatings with Class A fire ratings, we understand that the type of coating should depend on your facility’s material construction and the weather conditions surrounding it. Additionally, we will work with various manufactures to provide a No Dollar Limit Warranty in order to meet your needs and budgets.



Our experienced technicians offer solutions for:


  • Waterproofing and restoration coatings for walkways, balconies and pool decks.

  •  Heavy duty auto and pedestrian traffic coatings typical for parking structures and courtyards.

  • Decorative options with patterns and multi colored finishes along with utilitarian and skid resistant finishes.

  • Below grade waterproofing both sheet and fluid applied applications.

  •  Coating applications that require a class A / 1-hour fire ratings over living or occupied space.

  • Concrete staining, sealing, and polishing on new or existing applications.

  • Custom Sheetmetal work for shower pans, door pans, or exterior deck metal flashing.

  • Hydrophilic and hydrophobic crack injections.

  • Vertical and horizontal expansion joint sealants.


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