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Downtown Central Library

painting is an art we have down to a science

Construction of this nine- story building with a soaring three story 300,000 square foot majestic dome will welcome visitors to the library scheduled to open to the public late September 2013.


It took over 1000 days of construction and 750,000 man hours to build the San Diego Downtown Central Library with zero lost time due to accidents.

Work on the exterior included using swing stage, scaffolding and man lifts to apply water repellant, anti-graffiti and miscellaneous painting.  The interior also needed scaffolding and lifts to reach the openness of the three story reading room, an open structured 350-seat auditorium, a special event center and a 400-seat multi-purpose room.

The Downtown Central Library was built to become a landmark of San Diego and General Coatings is proud to team up with Turner Construction to be part of this project.

The majority of our projects are based throughout our home state of California including counties of: Imperial, Irvine, Kern, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Orange County, Ontario, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, Santa Barbara, and Ventura

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