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Our Projects

With over 35 years of experience, we have the honor to have been part of various projects in Southern California.  Here is a small sampling of what we have done.

San Diego Airport Terminal 2 Expansion
The Green Build

San Diego International Airport consists of approximately 470,000 square feet of public and non-public areas. The Green Build Expansion is three stories including airline check-in and ticket lobby, security screening, baggage handling, public art, restrooms and office spaces. Other related service and support areas includes expanded concession areas providing more dining and shopping options, more security lanes improving the flow of passengers through the terminal and 10 new gates reducing terminal congestion and providing expanded comfortable passenger waiting areas.
General Coatings’ foreman Glen Lovejoy and his crew worked closely with the General Contractor Component West, The Joint Venture Team of Turner Construction/PCL, and with the Airport Authority on a daily basis. Working with numerous field supervisors to meet each of their schedules in specific areas, countless onsite meetings, working both in and around security designated areas, day and night shifts and applying High Performance Coatings and Traffic Coatings to exterior stairs were just some of the challenges our crew had to experience and overcome.
Construction of the largest improvement project in the Airports history, The Green Build will help meet the Airport’s future demand for travel, while improving customer service and serving as an economic stimulus for the San Diego region. Budgeted as a $1 Billion project, it opened on schedule in August 2013 at $907 million, $45 Million under budget. The Green Build created 1,000 jobs at peak construction and General Coatings Corporation is proud to be part of this endeavor.

FBI Administration Building

  This project not only being a high profile project but also being coupled with the size of the project presented new challenges for General Coatings. From man-power to trade coordination our foremen and crews stood up to the task and accomplished a proud example of General Coatings job performance. 

A unique aspect of this project was the security required by the client.  Each employee had to go through a Federal Background check that took 6 weeks.  General Coatings demonstrated our commitment to the project by getting extra employees through the screening so we could man the project as needed.
    Luis Rubio was the project foreman and he did a great job working with Clark Construction to manage our field employees and the schedule.  He had to coordinate with multiple superintendents in various areas of the project.  As a result of his work, Clark Construction was able to turn the building over to the owner on time!  
    Lastly, we are proud to report that we had ZERO safety incidents on this project!  Our entire team embraced our safety initiatives making sure to "work safe"!  General Coatings is proud to have been a part of this project.

This project consisted of a one story building and a pedestrian bridge that connected the United States with the Tijuana, Mexico International Airport.


Daily communication with the GC and Homeland Security for coordination of the work to be performed daily was key and contributed to the success of the project.

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101 Park Boulevard

PETCO Park is the Major League Baseball Park for the San Diego Padres. This facility has six floors and holds approx. 55,000 fans.  The stadium has custom suites, a press box level, and restaurants. The backside of the ball park consists of two large garden buildings which house specialty shops and fine dining.
 The scope of work included power washing, stucco and wall repair and applying various coatings. There were many challenging areas and our crew had to overcome multiple obstacles.


San Diego Miramar College

Working with DPR Construction on the exterior repainting of the Science Building “S” and the English Building “I” during school hours brought many scheduling challenges to stay productive in the field.

Following Tnemec specifications provided by the school district, along with working with an independent inspector, our crew lead by Foreman RJ Conklin, performed High Performance Coatings applications on sloped metal roof cladding, galvanized steel braces, hand rails, metal panels, metal clad columns, doors and window frames. Also included in our scope was the preparation and painting of plaster, removing existing coating on stairs and landings by sandblasting and re-coating with new deck coating paint.

Accessing areas working off 80’ high reach equipment, working around weather conditions that could cause paint failure with high heat surface temperatures, mixing two-part materials and discovering silicone sealants that needed to be routed out and re-caulked so the new coating would adhere, were also job site challenges to meet the schedule completion date.

Working hard and safe every day, we demonstrated to the client that they had the right contractor on site to do the job.


Torrey Villas

Torrey Villas is a “Luxury Resort Style Living” apartment home community owned and managed by Irvine Company. The property consists of 21 buildings and a Leasing Office with a pool area. Each residential building contains 23 units, 20 podium level balconies and 2 podium level walkways. The Leasing Office overlooks the pool area with a stair case leading up to a common area deck space. Mike Rovner Construction and General Coatings teamed up to fulfill the waterproofing repairs of the 2nd & 3rd floor residential decks, walkways and Leasing Office deck area.
. The project was to install the sheet metal and cold-fluid applied membrane to the walkways and decks, then come back to paint the repaired stucco areas.
  Our foremen and their crew not only exceeded General Coatings’ expectations, but did so in a manner that sparked a relationship between General Coatings and Mike Rovner Construction consistently bringing in new business throughout 2015 and 2016. The best business is repeat business, and General Coatings would not have this without its crew.



Harrah's Rincon Casino

This project consisted of a 21 story, 421 room expansion to the existing hotel and casino.  The project also included upgrades to the pool and casino restaurant.

Mr. A’s

Located on top of 2550 Fifth Avenue on the twelfth floor is Bertrand at Mr. A's Restaurant, voted one of the most spectacular restaurant views in San Diego.

General Coatings Corporation, working with Nautilus Construction helped provide a facelift to the exterior top nine floors. After Nautilus removed 3,024 painted sunscreen metal panels from all four sides of the top nine floors, General Coatings stripped the existing paint off to the original porcelain looking panels and cleaned them to be ready for their reinstallation.


Unified Port of San Diego

The Unified Port of San Diego decided to revitalize an existing Roof / Podium to create a usable terrace and events space.

The project included demolition and hauling away 10,000 square feet of concrete and 24,000 Sq. ft. of built up asphalt roofing. Once the surface was prepared, installation of sheet metal flashings and the Westcoat waterproofing system was applied.

The project also included many other details such as custom roof vents, drain installations, railing attachments and planters, to finish off what turned out to be a beautiful terrace for the Unified Port employees.


Port of SD Building
Port roof

Vermont St. Bridge Restoration Project

The Vermont Street Pedestrian Bridge is a 420 ft. long steel and concrete pedestrian bridge spanning a canyon and connecting two distinct San Diego communities. Completed in 1994 it crosses Washington St. between University Heights and the Uptown shopping area in Hillcrest. It was in serious need of a make-over and the City of San Diego selected General Coatings Corp. for the restoration of this iconic bridge.



Discovery at Cortez Hill

Discovery at Cortez Hill is a 22 story high-rise residential condominium located in downtown San Diego.  This high-rise consists of 199 units many with balconies, columns, and trellises. Also the building’s common area includes expansive green areas and pool amenities.
General Coatings acted as Prime contractor and the job was run by Rodrigo Osuna and Inocencio Ortega.

The scope of work involved power washing, crack repair, and sealant replacement around all windows and doors as preparation. The base and elastomeric coatings created a waterproof envelope for the entire structure. This work was completed in a 7 month time frame with the added challenge of coordinating progressive installation and dismantling of 22 stories of scaffolding.



Belmont Park Commercial Re-Paint & Tenant Improvement

This project consisted of six single story buildings and one two-story building which required painting of all stucco, rails, doors and window frames. Bernardino and his crew worked closely with Chris and Jeff at Molinar Construction and they were very  pleased with Bernardino and his crew as they were able to accomplish the project on schedule and safely.
 It was a big challenge for Bernardino and his crew to protect so many finished products,  they had to contend with the weather, wind, fog, owners of the shops and visitors to Belmont Park. They were required to start early every morning at 5am or earlier before the stores opened and visitors started coming in to shop or to the beach.
It was a huge accomplishment working safely around so many people and to have zero injuries or incidents while using scissor lifts, booms and extension ladders.  As a result of their great performance we were hired to complete all of the extra work inside of the building as well.
 General Coatings is proud to have a great leader and great workers in Bernardino and his crew!

Belmont Park
Belmont Park  (43)
Intrepid Landing

Working with Kinsman Construction, we were able to ensure that this property was a success.  General Coatings worked with the General Contractor, Designer, and Owners to ensure that the materials and colors worked with the structure and the environment. Being situated right on the marina, this was especially challenging, but this project is a small example of the great work General Coatings can do.

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