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San Diego Convention Center Sails Pavilion

painting is an art we have down to a science

   The Sails Pavilion at the San Diego Convention Center is a 90,000 square foot exhibit space that  received the largest series of upgrades in the building's history.   

General Coatings scope on the project branched across both of our divisions. Our Painting Division using High Performance Coatings, painted the grand structural Masts and Trusts accomplished by using a 90ft Teupen Lift.  The Waterproofing Division applied a Five Stage Polishing Process to the 90,000 square feet of new concrete flooring.

Project at a glance:

  • Location: 111 W. Harbor Drive, San Diego

  • Materials and Specialty Coatings used: High Performance Coatings, Five Stage Polishing Process utilizing a Polish Guard- was applied to the concrete flooring.

  • Market Sector: Commercial/Public Works

  • Project Size: 90,000 sqrft

  • Owner: San Diego Convention Center Corporation

  • General Contractor: Birdair

  • Contracted by: Kinsman Construction 

  • Completion Date: 2/22/18 

The majority of our projects are based throughout our home state of California including counties of: Imperial, Irvine, Kern, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Orange County, Ontario, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, Santa Barbara, and Ventura

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